The Invisibles by Miguel Amortegui

The Invisibles.
Sigiriya is home of the so called “Fortress in the Sky” in Sri Lanka. Thousands of people come every year to walk through the 5 caves that have their walls adorned by keeping colours that never fade. This is also the home of Badunka, he is It's guardian, since the age of twelve, he's been passing his broom and battling against the dust day after day waiting for the gods to finally talk to him and change his life.
©Miguel Amortegui Photography

La parquita by Miguel Amortegui

Entre los gritos y los cantos de miles de indignados, los oídos sordos y las miradas ciegas de unos pocos, estaba ella, siempre tan delgada y tan inoportuna, aunque ya de por si lleva un aspecto demacrado y terrorífico a donde quiera que va, es este día a la parca se le notaba un poco mas cansancio que de costumbre, llevaba trabajando tiempo completo con horas extras por más de un mes, recogiendo las almitas de tantos infelices que se multiplicaban por doquier, Israel seguía alimentando su apartheid, y la muerte, desesperada, marchaba por que le dieran tan solo un día libre.
Miguel Amortegui ©Miguel Amortegui Photography 


The fisherboy and the crocs by Miguel Amortegui

"The fisher boy and the crocs" Okavango Delta, Botswana.
©Miguel Amortegui. 
In one of those enigmatic sunsets that Africa is so wealthy of, I remember setting the camera on a tripod on top of this small wooden bridge to catch the silhouettes of some of the crocodiles that made this river so famous, none of them wanted to wiggle their tail as if they were enjoying the last sunset they will ever see, suddenly and very quietly a little boy from the closest village emerged from underneath the bridge, his clothes were all wet because he was fishing with a spear amongst all the crocks, he stood in front of the camera and through the small frame I saw him for first time, my right finger pressed the shutter without asking my brain what I was seeing.